ITS Mobile, the latest initiative form ITS Holdings in conjunction with its partners, enables universities and colleges to provide their students with mobile access to key student information via a variety of phones and tablets. ITS Mobile gives students instant remote access to everything from results to campus maps and academic advising using easy to navigate, icon-based menus.

ITS HOLDINGS, a subsidiary of Adapt IT, consists of a collection of specialized business units that have been developed to allow the group to offer clients tailored end-to-end business and technology solutions. Our proven track record in designing, development, implementing and management of innovative business solutions has allowed us to grow into a successful African company with a global footprint.

With over 25 years of experience we understand that businesses need a comprehensive range of flexible, adaptable technology solutions that can keep their businesses connected and communicating. ITS Holdings has a wide range of offerings to choose from which can be tailored to suit both financial and business objectives. These range from software development, business consulting and training to out-sourcing of people.

FoneWorx (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of FoneWorx Holdings Ltd which is listed on AltX on the JSE. FoneWorx has been in business since 1997 and is the largest independent proprietary switch which is connected to all the mobile networks and Telkom. The FoneWorx platform currently constitutes 1 200 channels of voice and data capability and operates a bureau for the hosting of a broad range of services including IVR, USSD, SMS, MMS, fax, email, payment gateways and data storage.

CampusEAI Consortium was established in 2003 by 14 universities including University of Montana, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Oklahoma State University as a response to increasing IT budget cuts, resource constraints and expectations of incoming Internet-savvy students that are, these days, exposed to services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The CampusEAI Consortium's mission is to help members reduce the time, cost and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services by leveraging shared IT services, lessons learned and best practices so that each member can avoid reinventing the wheel.